Appliances & Whitegoods

Appliances & Whitegoods - Fridges


Budget Fridges

Weekly Rate: $6.00

  • Fridge Freezer or Bar Fridge option
  • Cyclic defrost 2 door

Budget fridge include full size fridge with freezer units up to 190L in size.


Regular Size Fridge

Weekly Rate: $8.50

  • 200-240L Fridge
  • Frost Free

Medium Size Fridge

Weekly Rate: $11.50

  • 250 - 350L Fridge
  • Frost Free
  • Available in Titanium/Stainless Steel

Large Size Fridge

Weekly Rate: $15.00

  • 360 - 400L Fridge
  • Frost Free
  • Available in Titanium/Stainless Steel
  • Available in upside down configuration

Appliances & Whitegoods - Washing Machines


Budget Washer

Weekly Rate: $5.80

BUDGET Top Loader


Washer - Top Loader

Weekly Rate: $7.40

Top Loader
- Current Models in 5.0kg capacity

Washer - Front Loader

Weekly Rate: $9.90

Front Loader

Appliances & Whitegoods - Dryers


Budget Dryer 4kg

Weekly Rate: $5.30

- Ask for our newer models at $5.80/week


Regular Size Dryer 5-6Kg

Weekly Rate: $5.77


Other Appliances



Weekly Rate: $4.60



Appliance Rental Sydney

We have all your fridge needs covered with everything from handy bar coolers to 392L family-size fridges. Ben’s offers frost-free or cycle defrost models from all the top manufacturers including Kelvinator, Westinghouse, Signature and LG. We now also stock the state of the art 354L NEC platinum finish fridge which offers an impressive and eco-friendly 4 star energy rating.

Washing Machine Rental Sydney

Whatever your laundry requirements, we have the solution at the right price at Ben’s Rent-A-Centre. Our Simpson and LG machines include both top and front loaders and range in capacity from 4kg to 7kg, with all LG front loading washing machines boasting an efficient and eco-friendly AA Water Conservation Rating. A selection of handy dryers is also available.

Short term monthly leasing agreements and longer term rentals are available. Please note: these images are product demonstrations only.

Call our office on (02) 9695 1333 (Monday – Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 10am-2pm) for further details or
email us at

Furniture Rental Disclaimer:

Prices shown are based on a 1 year contract. Please note that the images of the goods shown may not be the same as the rental products we provide. Ben's Rent-a-Centre is always striving for improvement, as such models may vary due to availability and updates by the manufacturers and prices may change without notice.


Ben's Rent-a-Centre provides rental options and ex-rental items for sale throughout all areas of Sydney, Australia.